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Vitamin C 500 mg

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Vitamin C 500 mg Capsules by Pacific Nature’s for Immune Support and Boost Collagen Support *

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Vitamin C 500 mg Capsules by Pacific Nature’s for Immune Support and Boost Collagen Support *

  • Pacific Nature’s Vitamin C 500mg Capsule to enhance vitamin C’s free radical fighting power and effectiveness. Provides powerful antioxidant support against free radicals *
  • Vitamin C plays an important role in the functioning of white blood cells, which are vital components of the immune system *
  • Helps promote synthesis of collagen, supports optimal immune function and promote overall cardiovascular wellness *
  • Maroon colored capsules, opaque to protect the light sensitive nature of vitamin C
  • Made in a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered California Facility, undergoing rigorous 3rd party testing

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Provides powerful antioxidant support against free radicals.*

Supports optimal immune function.*

Promotes overall cardiovascular wellness.*

Boosts collagen support.*

This product was made in the USA, undergoes 3rd party testing, No preservatives, No artificial flavors, Non- GMO, Soy Free, Dairy Free and Egg Free.

Our products are made in a GMP compliant, FDA Registered California Facility.

Our products undergo rigorous laboratory testing

When buying from factory direct, you receive quality savings, quality products for less cost

  • Red colored capsules, opaque to protect the light sensitive nature of Vitamin C.

Latest reviews

  1. Cathymdl

    This is great and easy to swallow. The taste is good and not sour. I am taking more vitamins lately and this is a must for my regime! Def recommended!

  2. EllaW

    I usually get the chewable vitamin C tablets but decided to try these. As far as I can tell I’m feeling pretty good and they are easy enough to take. I know I don’t get enough Vitamin C naturally so it’s good to know I’m getting what I need in a supplement. They are in capsule form. I would get these again.

  3. DanielleM33

    I love these Pacific Nature’s Vitamin C 500 mg!! They work well if you are trying to keep up on your vitamin c levels. I’ve been taking this brand of vitamin C a month and I think I will stick with this brand from now on. I really like everything about these. No bad aftertaste. So much better than others.

  4. Cya

    500 milligram of vitamn C for your immune system. Has four different ingrediants. The vitamn manufactured in USA in California. Taste isnt too bad.

  5. HarleyGirl

    These Pacific Nature’s 500 mg Vitamin C are great! They come in a bottle of 120 capsules. I use Vitamin C to help fight against viruses and when I’m sick. It helps a lot. I like this brand too. Very good prices and a great value! I will definitely be buying more of these vitamin C’s by Pacific Nature. I highly recommend these vitamins as well especially if you have a cold or a virus or anything like that.

  6. PinkPrincess717

    I love Pacific Nature’s Vitamin C 500 mg! There are so many benefits to taking them as well! They boost the immune system, provide collagen, and have antioxidants! Above and beyond customer satisfaction!

  7. TrueTestimony

    We were not expecting these capsules to be red at all..They sre not big at all, but we do recommend taking them on a full stomach as with any other vitamins. They did not cause an upset stomach with my hubby but they did with me and it was probably based on the fact that I ate afterwards and not before. So far they are good to go. Get you some and have a strong immune system to help prevent from getting covid or having really bad reactions to getting covid.

  8. Summertime

    The great thing about these vitamins is that you get 120 capsules per bottle. That’s a 4 month supply of vitamins considering you only take 1 a day. They are perfect for boosting your immune system. Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, these are essential. What I find different and nice is their red color. That makes them easier for me to see and distinguish between my other medications. I highly recommend them.

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